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Learn more about the Calgary chapter of OCF --  a registered society in Alberta.

This ministry is dedicated to helping the those working in the remote oilfield community.

The Oilfield Christian Fellowship offers spiritual support and fellowship to those working in remote locations.

Focusing on the specific challenges faced by those working away from home, this ministry provides a beacon of hope and guidance.

Through a variety of programs and resources, it aims to strengthen the faith of individuals, offering them the tools they need to navigate the complexities of life in the oilfield.


To share Christ with fellow oilfield workers.

We do this through bible distribution and fellowship gatherings.

We support kingdom growth in the oilfield community and beyond. 


Barry Throness

Barry is the president and founder of the Calgary OCF chapter. He has a degree in Petroleum Engineering from University of Alberta and his Masters in Safety and Risk Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. He was raised on a farm in the Sexsmith area where he resided until moving to Calgary with ConocoPhillips in 2011.

It was while living in Northern Alberta that he was first introduced to the OCF bible by a friend who had come across the bibles through an OCF chapter that had started in Fort St John. Soon after his move to Calgary, he was challenged to begin an OCF chapter and  God’s plan for OCF Calgary started taking shape.

Barry has a hard time imagining what his life without Christ would be like and has a desire to encourage others towards this life-changing opportunity through bible distribution and OCF outreach events. He is married with three adult children and resides in the Okotoks area, working in the Process Safety field while also maintaining his support to the home farm where he works with his brother.


David Penton

David is a measurement specialist with more than 35 years of experience in various oil and gas specialist roles. David's passion is about getting bibles to people who are ready to explore life decisions and to accept the free gift of God's grace. David is a director of two companies, with a diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and a Management Certificate from the University of Calgary.

David recognizes God’s hand in consulting work through difficult economic times. Answers to prayer result in meetings with new people to cover regulatory compliance alternatives for effective solutions. David works with several oil and gas companies in all of the Western Canadian provinces and he enjoys spending time with his grown-up family and their growing families.


Ron Downie

Ron is Secretary of the Calgary OCF chapter. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa. He was raised in Toronto, moved to Ottawa for school and to start his career, and then moved to Calgary in 1997. Ron has been in the oil and gas industry since 2004. 


Ron was introduced to the OCF by a friend at his local church and felt led to help out with this unique opportunity, a community of believers, in the same industry, with a heart for reaching others for Christ.


Ron feels most at home when helping to organize events and has a desire to encourage others towards this life-changing opportunity through bible distribution and OCF outreach events. He has been married to Karla for about 25 years and has two children.


Chidi Abarikwu

Chidi started serving with existing members of the board of OCF Calgary spurred on by his experience of the spiritual isolation so common among those living and working in the camps of Alberta’s Oil Sands Mines, north of Ft. McMurray. Although his earliest encounter with the saving grace of Jesus Christ came in a bible summer camp in Colorado during his early years, Chidi grew in the faith and in his commitment to serve Jesus during his senior high and college years in his birth country, Nigeria.


After 15 years of post-graduation practice of civil engineering and project management, Chidi followed through with a long-standing leading of God and resigned his employment with Shell Nigeria to relocate his family to Calgary in 2012, and later found employment in Alberta’s Oil Sands.


With Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry struggling to recover for a long time, Chidi diligently pursued deploying his education and experience gainfully in other applications, all the while drawing inspiration from God’s purpose and plan for his life.

Chidi and his wife Oke, together strive to raise their 4 grade-school children in a godly manner, serve in the local church, and represent Jesus at their workplaces.


Francis Thaddaues

Francis currently works with Canadian Natural Resources Limited. A Civil Engineering by profession with meritorious service in the capacities of manager, project controls, auditor, engineer, quantity surveyor etc, enriched with high academic grades. He added immense value in reputed organizations in India, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Canada being involved in diverse projects such as infrastructure development, commercial construction, residential complexes, highways, runways, oil and gas industry etc.

His faith life and longing for the scriptures equipped to spearhead the seeding of underground church in hostile soils and in partnering in formation as well as shouldering house churches in Calgary; furthering the good news and prayer fellowships in work place, work camp and office. His desire to place OCF bibles in room and common areas in the new Richardson camp at Fort McKay linked to OCF. Francis distributed around 4,800 bibles and scriptures in the past 5 years.


Francis is a family man, with his wife Gigy and two sons.


Bukola (Bukky) Ikenga

Bukola is a Quality & Environmental Management Systems Professional with over 10 years experience in various industries, including Oil & Gas.


As a Christian, her walk with the Lord started on June 12, 1983 while in High School, and she's been on fire for Jesus ever since. 

She loves to serve our Master and has done so in several capacities including as a Traveling Secretary with the Student Christian Movement, as a Treasurer and later Vice Coordinator of Patmos Playhouse, a leader in Christ Chapel International Churches in Nigeria and All Citizens Christian Church in Calgary. 

Three of her favourite Bible verses are: 

- Psalms 27:4

- Matthew 6:33

- Mark 10:43

Bukky is happily married to Samson Ikenga - a Pastor of several years in the same Churches and Ministries.

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